Aspire One Live Update Problems, and Messaging

I recently looked at the Aspire One netbook for a friend who couldn’t get the Messaging working – MSN really. I clicked on the icon, some waiting then… nothing. This started a can of worms. When I started the Live Update feature, the downloads of various patches proceeded normally, until the last update. Then I […]

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Updating Ipod Touch to v3.0 under linux

While I would love to tell you that this is possible without using a virtual machine, as far as I know at the time of writing, it isn’t. However, I use VirtualBox to run XP Home, and I have successfully updated my ipod touch running iTunes from within the virtual machine. There were 2 problems […]

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Linux bluetooth audio: using alsa and a2dp

I got a pair of bluetooth headphones for Christmas, and they have made listening to music so much easier. The model is Zoom 4380. I used them with my phone, and the absence of wires from the phone (and the little drop-down speaker stalk) makes calling cool too. The only problem I have atm is […]

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Mackeral sky

Unusual for me, but I quite liked this cloud effect.

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HD DVD steps with linux: read the disk, stupid

I recently bought a Acer 5920 to replace my old Dell 510. I went for a machine with more clout this time, since I sometimes use it for work. It came with Vista Home Premium, but I installed Gentoo on the spare partition, and spend most of my time there. They co-exist without problems. One […]

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Turning to Gentoo

I like Slackware. When I was a total newbie, someone suggested SUSE, but after a little while, when I wanted to know what was going on ‘under the hood’, it got complicated. Back then, Yast was ok, probably not as comprehensive as today. I tried Slackware, and liked its simplicity, and clean-ness. It didn’t provide […]

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encfs and automount

I started using automount to mount devices, and drives on the fly. I works nicely, and almost effortlessly, once you get the hang of configuring it. No more typig mount etc. etc. had me sold. This is with Gentoo. But when I wanted to manage a secure area on my laptop, so it mounted when […]

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Perlpod update

I have been using a perl script I got here to get my BBC podcasts, and Java Posse broadcasts. Until recently, that is… Anyway, I hacked the script, to remove carriage returns out, so the url in the enclosure (that’s the mp3) is again being fetched. Find it perlpod here. md5sum for the file is: […]

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Amarok is a pain

My current favourite distro is gentoo. I same from slackware, so that should not be too difficult a route to figure. Apart from the draw of packages customized to squeeze the processor, there is the customization. And with all this, it still workds amazingly well. Anyway, I have my mp3s on a fileserver. Before, using […]

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‘s big in ‘ere

Don’t wonder about the internet and it’s proliferation. Cyber streams pulse through every street, across every ocean. Even some veins… Wonder that it’s still here (and download as much of it as you can, in case it goes away :). First words are always kind of … yes, you said it. Be a bit more […]

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