encfs and automount

I started using automount to mount devices, and drives on the fly. I works nicely, and almost effortlessly, once you get the hang of configuring it. No more typig mount etc. etc. had me sold. This is with Gentoo.

But when I wanted to manage a secure area on my laptop, so it mounted when I wanted, and tidied up a short while after I finished, I had a few problems.

I had to hack mount.fuse, so it took notice of a new flag: `ignore_options’. I think basically somethin’s broke.

The hacked mount.fuse is here.

And you’ll want an example line for using encfs in the automount config file, called something like auto.auto:

secure -fstype=fuse,ignore_options encfs#--public --extpass=/etc/autofs/askpass /mnt/.secure.encfs


One thought on “encfs and automount

  1. Hi,

    Your hacked mount.fuse is no longer available for download. Would you care to make the source available? I would find it very useful.



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